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Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy


Today with a sad heart I are announcing that Booth Ninja is no longer accepting new subscribers and will be terminating support of the product June 15, 2017. At that time current subscribers will be able to still use up existing credits but will not be able to purchase any new ones.

When I created and launched Booth Ninja in the winter of 2012 I had grand plans for the product that included making day to day life better for photo booth operators around the world. We were able to accomplish this for hundreds of businesses over the years.

Unfortunately over the past 4 ½ years things have changed and I simply do not have the time to give the proper support you as a customer deserve or add new features to Booth Ninja to improve it. With the continued success at and the new Mobibooth® venture my workload has hit a tipping point at this is the end of the road for this venture.

Thank you for using the product over the years and I wish you all the best in each of your businesses going forward.


Mike Bender

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